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Players Online: 1

Faction PVP Server

Choose this server if you like teaming up with others to raid and fight other groups. More Info

Towny PVE Server

Players Vs. Environment is the name of the game. For builders who want to earn stuff on their own, vanilla style, without having to worry about being griefed all the time. More Info

Anarchy PVP Server

Anything goes on this PVP server! Nothing is safe, trust no one! This world is never going to reset, either. More Info

Arena Kit-PVP

Prefer to simply jump into the action and fight other players? Join the arena and earn loot which you can spend on upgraded weapons and armor. More Info

Hardcore Ampliefied

You have one life, and one life only. No do-overs, buy-backs, or rules. Come join the struggle to survive this hard mode, death ban server. More Info

Creative plots

Join the creative server and claim a plot. Build whatever (Tasteful) thing you'd like. You can invite your friends to help you build as well. More Info

Created in 2014. Nathan Stoltenberg, Ataranlen.

Swiper no Swiping! Swiper no Swiping! Swiper no Swiping!