Minecraft Creative Server

Let your imagination take hold.

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Welcome to Creative, Minecrafters! Claim a plot and show off your Minecraft creative skills. This minecraft server is usually very empty, with not many players to harass you with questions. Explore imaginative minecraft structures and solve some of the puzzles others have built. Join our minecraft creative server and claim a plot. Build whatever (Tasteful) thing you'd like. You can invite your friends to help you build as well.

This server uses the plotme minecraft plugin. Use "/plotme help" if you need assistance. Or if you have any issues on our Creative Minecraft server, Email help@MineTexas.com


  • No Hacking
  • No Spamming
  • No Griefing
  • Use Common Sense
Minecraft Texas Theme ~By christiancano

Texas Theme ~By christiancano

Minecraft Residence ~By Ajax_Piledriver

Residence ~By Ajax_Piledriver

Minecraft Pizza ~By hiddenrisk

Pizza ~By hiddenrisk

Minecraft Collab ~By creeperZnitemare and friends

Collab ~By creeperZnitemare

Minecraft Mario ~By FireFlower212

Mario ~By FireFlower212

Minecraft Spleef Arena ~By Duckster087

Spleef Arena ~By Duckster087

Minecraft Stormy Seas ~By BurntElement

Stormy Seas ~By BurntElement

Minecraft Arena ~By Dodles

Arena ~By Dodles

Minecraft Disco Castle ~By nyanrex

Disco Castle ~By nyanrex