Minecraft CivilizationCraft Minecraft Server - Rivendell

Come play MineTexas CivilizationCraft, upgraded for Minecraft 1.8

Current Players: Everyone

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Full Changelog

Civcraft Anti-Cheat

In order to participate in war-time, you'll need to install Civcraft's anti cheat mod. You can download it here: Civcraft Anti Cheat Download. For installation instructions, check out this post on the forums

Why MineTexas Civcraft is so Different:

MineTexas Civcraft is a fresh fork of the civcraft codebase. Ataranlen has been hard at work modifying the plugin to support Minecraft 1.8. There are a number of bugs we're still trying to work out, but jump right in and play now. If you're unfamiliar with Civcraft, check out the Civcraft Wiki

If you have any issues on our Modded Civcraft Minecraft server, Email help@MineTexas.com


  • No Hacking, Glitching, Duping, or Exploiting bugs
  • No Spamming or Excessive Cursing
  • No asking for: Warp, Item spawning, OP.
  • No alternate accounts
  • Use Common Sense
  • Report Violators on the forums
Minecraft Civcraft A Civcraft Capitol

A Civcraft Capitol

Minecraft Civcraft Ice Town

Ice Town

Minecraft Civcraft Aztec Town

Aztec Town

Minecraft Civcraft Spawn Civilization

Spawn Civilization

Minecraft Civcraft Another Capitol

Another Capitol

Minecraft Civcraft Granary, windmill and farms

Granary, windmill and farms

Minecraft Civcraft A shipyard

A shipyard

Minecraft Civcraft Green Pasture

Green Pasture

Minecraft Civcraft Horse Stables

Horse Stables

Minecraft Civcraft A small Store

A small Store

Minecraft Civcraft Library


Minecraft Civcraft Barracks


Minecraft Civcraft Global Market

Global Market

Minecraft Civcraft Roman Mine

Roman Mine

Minecraft Civcraft Egyptian Cannon Tower

Egyptian Cannon Tower

Minecraft Civcraft Great Library

Great Library