Forum Announcement: Forum Rules [Updated 8/2/16]
Greetings and welcome to the MineTexas Forums. 

It has come to my attention that there are no posted rules on here.

Exclamation No Spamming
This means no junk threads or off topic postings. Keep these in "Off-Topic" or the Anarchy General sections.

Exclamation No Advertising
This is primarily a Minecraft Server related forum. No posts/signatures/website links advertising competing servers. No blog-spam. And no accounts just to advertise your product.

Exclamation No Harassment or abusive language
While some of our servers to allow this, and even encourage it, these forums are not the place for it.

Exclamation Use Common Sense
This is a public forum. Anything you say or do on here can be viewed by the world. Don't do anything illegal. Your IP address is logged, and you will be reported to the proper authorities. Keep it PG-13, No porn or drug discussions, avatars, or signatures.

Exclamation One Account Per Person
Creating multiple accounts makes it very difficult to enforce the rules. Doing so to bypass a ban will result in action taken on the servers as well. 

These rules are not final, and could change at any time. I'll try to update the post title with an updated tag and date if they do.
If you see anyone breaking these rules, please use the report function. Bans are handed out in accordance with the severity of the offense.