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Full Version: Anticheat for Minecraft Forge 1.8 (And 1.11.2)
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I've acquired Anti-Cheat 2.0 for Civcraft 1.8

If you have any additional mods that you would like supported, please log in to the Civcraft 1.8+ server with them installed one at a time and provide the numerical string from the error validation message.


Forge Mod Loader:

Optional Addons:
Optifine for 1.8
Can we use Rei's while having anti cheat?
I have not added Rei's for 1.8 to the list yet. If you can give me the code from the login error, I can add it.
The forge version that is used uses 40% of my RAM, can you maybe try to use a different forge version that doesn't use so much RAM?
Do any of the newer versions for 1.8 use less RAM?
Optifine does not work. Whitelist Code: 1517681784
Ok, so I downloaded Forge ModLoader and it did nothing. Can I get some actual instructions for this or nah?
pretty simple, just put the .jar in %appdata%/.minecraft/mods.
I've updated the main post to include a Video Tutorial.
Seems the same jar works for 1.11.2.
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