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Full Version: SUB-FORUM CLEAN-UP request
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This sub-forum is crowding up, groups that never posted or have remained in-active for more than 4 months should be moved to a new sub-forum called "inactive".

Groups like hearts, Ace and The Sith are pointless and are crowding things up. This is why I will leave it to the public and post a poll to convince Atar to clean this up.

I also suggest groups whose badges are not being used, like protectorate, to be moved to a historical sub-forum, along with the Government. If the owner wants to bring back their forum, all they have to do is ask a moderator. This is being done to keep things clean. (up to atar)
Yeah, I need to do this. It is on my backlog for when I get my new laptop.
Ok now that they have been cleaned up.
(02-20-2017, 11:07 AM)ataranlen Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, I need to do this. It is on my backlog for when I get my new laptop.

So old stuff has been deleted, or moved, where are they now?
i remember looking at what was deleted way back when and thinking "yup, no one is going to miss those posts" but perhaps there is some historical information in them. I'll check them in the future and get back to you here