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Full Version: UK General Election
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So there's a general election in UK next week...

Who's everyone voting for?
While I am still considered part of the Commowealth, I don't think I am allowed vote. May the best man or woman win.
you may not be allowed to vote in the actual election... but you're very welcome to vote in the poll above! Wink
Done, I threw my support to May.  May may win ☺ or may May win .
Free Scotland!
Free Scotland, Free Northern Ireland... that's how I feel about it after brexit (which I voted against)
I voted the nazi one because I'm edgy

According to exit polls, The Conservatives (Theresa May) will secure the most seats, but not enough to have a majority!

If this is the case, it's a monumental screw up (they actually had a majority before calling the early election).

Try negotiating a brexit without having control of parliament... pretty damn difficult!
ChadDX is an EU sympathiser and therefore probably also supports the labor party, making you a damn diddly dirty socialist cuck
it's a public poll... didn't you see my lib-dem vote?

I am pro immigration and pro trade however, which is why I was against brexit
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