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Full Version: Net neutrality?
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What can I say... I'm shocked that USA political system is structured in such a way that allows an industry to do this.
Literally no entity benefits from slowing down specific net traffic other than the broadband companies charging for faster access and the politicians they're paying off.

Net neutrality is enshrined into EU law, and I would be extremely surprised if the UK cable companies would be able to get the UK law changed post-brexit.

Also in the UK system, the company that owns the telephone wires is legally obliged to rent out bandwidth to competitors and not undercut them on price, so if net neutrality was repealed in UK we could literally get together and make our own unrestricted internet for very little upfront cost.
21st Century Fox (which owns fox news) supports the removal of net neutrality because they produce colossal amounts of media and want to be able to control the flow of it.

They should be able to reduce piracy (can't complain) and restrict access to smaller content creators (really can complain).
Think it could hit game servers tho?
I'd assume so yeah
You guys think it'll impact game prices? I mean, if the server costs go up, guess who's going to end up paying for it.
I suppose it depends on what causes lag... server speed or connection speed.

If it's connection speed then us players have little choice but to donate more in order for Atar to purchase a priority package from his ISP.

However, with all the negative press surrounding the net neutrality repeal, the broadband companies will not be making changes any time soon.