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Full Version: The largest swastika in minetexas history
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[Image: 2019-04-22_17.00.31.png]Today, Crimson completed it’s largest building project ever. We have officially made the largest swastika in MTA history. Big thanks to Bowling, David, and Solomag for dedicating several hours to make this happen!
go on then... how high?

does it even go to height limit?
Incorrect, not the biggest by a long shot. I already made a mapart of a swastika that was one map size big. I think someone has made a 2x2 already, so once again Crimson takes an L. Sorry to inform you guys....
maybe they mean tallest... but how can we know given they wont say how high it is?
Each “block” of it is 32x32x32
It only took several hours to build this thing? I would have thought it took days...
Coords released as 5800 -23000
It got withered heavily
[Image: iL5O8Ww.png]
pic by evanlegota
was that you chad?
[Image: TpIk6xj.png]
Pic by MoonlitWyvern
What i thought those crashed the server
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