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Full Version: is there anyway we can make /pvp more active?
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i was just wondering if there's anyway we can get more people on the factions sever. iv'e been playing for about a month and in that time i haven't seen that many people on. i have tried to bring players on myself but with no real progress a few more have joined but they don't rely stay after the first time. anyways i was wondering if there was anyway we could get more permeate players online.
Well.. I was going to make a "PoorFag" faction... group who's main goal is to destroy anything diamond and make beautiful towns out of cobble and dirt. The idea was it's a more jokey group for people who play mainly on anarchy. Once u get a critical mass of people then more serious groups are formed and the server supports itself.

I haven't abandoned this project yet... but I got a lot of other things on the go at the moment also so can't really allocate any time to it right now