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Full Version: List of Custom Badges
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This list is currently being compiled. If I've missed a badge and you have information or a picture, please send that to me on discord or as a reply to this thread.

[Image: 7t623Q4.png]
The Anarchy Space Program was the first functioning group on the server, and did relentless spawn killing. They got on well with the regular oldfags tho as they always let them pass through spawn and even let them trade with noobs unhindered.

[Image: JPKFgit.png]
SBC was the 2nd Group created on the server and still has an active base. It's a loose collective of people who build near spawn.

[Image: 0FW3G5b.png]
The Empire was the 3rd Group and was made to combat ASP. At the start almost any new player was allowed to join, which led to quick expansion but also regular griefing of their bases.

[Image: MayaFht.png?1]
This group were the first to spawn kill everyone they saw. They caught the regulars by surprise and for a good week or 2 controlled spawn.

[Image: 3AzQ0rM.png]
This was given out as a prize for winners of the MPC group of PVP tournaments

[Image: ksbjecU.png]
This badge was given to all those who helped out with construction of the skyscraper at 55 555

[Image: 4usDPwX.png]
The Chad Badge was made by ChadDX to help other people keep track of all his different accounts. This badge no longer exists (the one worn by improllyhigh is fake)

[Image: yrRzPGc.png?1]
Group consisted of some major players from the db era such as ElatedTruste and N3xtLevel

[Image: lZnVIpP.png]
The most famous player killing and griefing group on the server. Also big on shit-talking and building swasticas

[Image: 0p0I4Ab.png]
Fake crimson badge that someone made... this is actually what the original crimson badge used to look like before it was changed.

[Image: RKG2opx.png]
The VOC was one of the earliest multinational corporations and operated out of the Netherlands

[Image: qUdIOnf.png]
This badge was important during the db era and meant that you could trust the person wearing it to not scam you when trading.

[Image: M7fP7jH.png]
Hearts is simply a nice friendly badge that's supposed to look nice

[Image: zwTMqEh.png]
Used to be full of edgy kids but is now under new management

[Image: 7eg5vfz.png]
This badge is only given to those who have a license to manufacture infinity products

[Image: VJ5YbaJ.png?1]
Wearing this badge protected you from being killed by Jss05a and his crew during the DB era

[Image: tWr80GH.png]
This was created by Nulz and was supposed to be a "hybrid" of the 2 main frats at the time, ASP and SBC

[Image: 1GjH3b0.png]
Nulz later gave ownership to Gmaul and the logo was changed from blue to red

[Image: gU6vDPx.png]
NikNakker Trading Company is a new organisation to help players trade with each other. It's run through their dedicated discord server.
[Image: 79UvPkc.png]

[Image: Q9eN1tM.png]

[Image: tZnvShW.png]

[Image: SLzugD7.png?2]

[Image: FaLuB1y.png]

[Image: GdtctNS.png?2]

[Image: TspBrkA.png]

[Image: QJVLF8P.png]

[Image: AG3ipmR.png]
[Image: YwxwzJl.png]

[Image: cQU6XfT.png]

[Image: zRcqPET.png]

[Image: aGCafm8.png?1]

[Image: W0BXstB.png]

[Image: CRtCWjt.png]

[Image: V0xnk34.png]

[Image: wdWd7nE.png]

[Image: N6jrVJz.png]

[Image: EveRstE.png]

[Image: eRcQaWw.png]

[Image: FB4r1OP.png]
[Image: lxd4Ra1.png?1]
A joke badge from OnlySolid

[Image: nCq6V1C.png]
Not a real badge... exists only until the guy stops wearing it.

[Image: 9CxpiQZ.png]

[Image: NlqwjIN.png]
ive had a few of them in the past but they have since been taken away.
Hybrid nazi NCP
got a pic of the hybrid badge? i really want to add it

Edit: someone posted an old screenshot the other day and I've managed to grab the hybrid badge from that
How does one make a new badge?
(07-28-2019, 05:22 PM)LudicrousLogan Wrote: [ -> ]How does one make a new badge?


they last forever, can give to infinite players, can rename/redesign once a week
Sticking this screenshot of discord chat here from November 2020

[Image: QQc99ta.png]
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