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Full Version: Portfolio from the unofficial Map Art Discord
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There's an unofficial "Map Artists of MineTexas Anarchy" on discord
[Image: fa03umH.png]
If you want to join, just ask on the official MTA discord and someone will give you an invite code.
[Image: drbtYRO.png]
I've added all the portfolio pictures up to September 2020 this thread
"Bob Dylan" by GoodOldMrWilson
[Image: JREvQIg.png]
Made by Nulz
[Image: bMYigMM.png]
By Sursyot
[Image: BB2mO4C.png]
[Image: fNi2JLg.png]
Isis flag by Diamondflame5
[Image: cRb8I1e.png]
Tiger by logalott
[Image: lrfky7B.png]
"Hidden Path" by (i know who but imma keep that secret lol)
[Image: xFVeUeW.png]
I actually dunno what this is or who made it. Info would be nice
[Image: n7WiRgc.png]
Pepsi Logo
[Image: Zdx4Ee6.png]
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