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Full Version: Aberon Reset Time set: April 3rd at 12 noon CDT
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I've set this time to allow the most players a chance to be online when the server does in fact reset. 
I'm in the process of getting everything ready for this launch on Friday, and I hope to have everything done before then. If something changes, I'll update this timer.

In progress map generation:
Great! I've been waiting for this!
is there download app, to put in my desktop XD lol jk thanks for the timer
I've added a link to view the in-progress map generation: http://map.minetexas.com:8127/
Why are the biomes so small?
The biomes are small, but there are a bunch of them. Once you get in game and see these biomes, I think you'll be ok with the smaller biomes.
The Aberon Civcraft server has been taken offline in preparation for the update and reset at 12-noon CDT tomorrow.
What is the ip, I would like to join once it resets?
The ip address will be aberon.minetexas.com