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Full Version: Kill On Sight List
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This is an old KOS list from the Trump era
No one on this list will be killed on sight, as Trump no longer has an army.

KOS List
Minoxio (HydroCynical)

Escort/Follow List

Recently Removed From KOS List
NicklePickle200 (situation being worked upon)
Make sure to include Nicklepickle to the KOS list
Please remove Nicklepickle from the KOS list, the situation is being worked upon.

I'm glad the situation is being worked out... at the end of the day, the guy can produce rare items in bulk...  Big Grin
Please make an addition to the list, StealthyArcherGM is on the KOS list, look at the Emergency announcement for details

I do hope this situation is cleared up... Stealthy used to use my bases on 2b2t and I never had any trouble with him.
I think Stealthy might have learnt his lesson... whilst I do not want to poke my head too deeply into server security, I would ask that when you feel the time is right, Stealthy is removed from KOS list. I don't think he wants to be an enemy of the state.
Yea we should remove Stealthy - I think he was angry temporarily and didn't understand the situation. I don't think he should be KOS.

[Image: ngbbs4d33e1529d4b2.jpg]
Minoxio is now part of the KOS list. Refrain from asking questions, and please add him.
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