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Full Version: Kill On Sight List
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Just spam /praise. The one that mentions Minoxio by name kicks him from the server Big Grin
Why is Minoxio on the KOS list? Also add Cobra95 to the KOS, attempted to grief spawn and for starting a war against ChadDX. Also tried to eliminate Xenobyte73 and The__Toe.  Undecided
I believe that NicklePickle should be added back on the Kos or Kot list like xenobyte72 said. Also, remove stealthyarcherGm from the list as he hasn't really done anything.

Um, actually nicklepickle200 doesn't come on anymore, unless he plays on an alt. And besides its spelled, Xenobyte73 and StealthyArcherGM. Rolleyes
Epicfiredude123, I have to respectfully deny your request. No exceptions are to be made to the rule. Have a nice day.

Well then, thanks to the lovely information I just received, Xenobyte is now permanently on the KOS list. As is Stealthy. He will not, ever, ever, be taken off this list. Ever. I gave enough second chances, pardons, and other things, on account of people vouching for them. But thanks to some new evidence regarding, YET AGAIN, an attempt to attack the server and destabilize the government, I am standing by this decision. He will be ejected from his position, and branded as a traitor.
Hello, DonaldTrumpforMC. Im responding to this outrageous comment, as to how I destabilized the government? And by the way, I never put up those signs at spawn. The__Toe was the witness when I was talking to Cobra95. Cobra95 told me, and The__Toe, that he hated CommodityMarket aka ChadDX. I was never involved in putting up those signs, or even being some how connected with them. I hope that this information will surface up new things. 

Below is the only screenshot I took, when I Xenobyte73, Cobra95, and The__Toe were having a chat. 
Please read the comment I just added. Thank you.
Since Xenobyte73 failed to provide any context with his screenshot, The__Toe and I were talking about server plugins which are used to help clear items on a server that cause lag. I asked him if it will even clear paintings that users put up their houses. Having said that, I fail to see how this is relevant to the topic at hand.

Regarding Xenobyte73, I asked him what he did on the server and he told me he was starting a "rebellion" against the government. He said he was building an outpost for his "rebellion" and invited me to meet him at spawn to see it. I killed him and he had a fit of rage begging for his stuff back. He exited the server and a player with the alias "hineas" came to spawn and attempted to kill me too (while unarmed, mind you), and then also begged for me to return his stuff saying that he was Xenobyte73. I felt compassion for this player. It was me who dealt the first blow after all, even if it was against a self-proclaimed rebel. Perhaps this player had worked very hard to acquire the armor, weapons, and other belongings. Ultimately, I told the hineas player that if he really was Xenobyte73 that he should come back and I will return his stuff. He left and returned as Xenobyte73 and I returned his belongings. He then killed me.

CommodityMarket can attest to the fact that I was interested in his trading system when I first joined the server a few days ago and was asking him about the government. I was just curious of the social and economic aspects of this server. I don't have any desire to grief or destabilize the government.
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