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Full Version: Situation Resolution
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The current threat level has been lowered to normal levels, although the name below is still to be treated as a high-priority KOS target, due to issues regarding an attempted revolution event.


Please report any and all sightings immediately.
Hi Guys

I am surprised to come back from a long few days caring for an ill friend of mine and accompanying him to hospital, to see my name on the same list as NicklePickle200 (before I left, he was the main enemy of the state). What I mean is, whenever I've been logged into the server recently I've been AFK at my gold farm, not actually playing/enchanting on the server (reached level 130, even with the skellies and zombies turned off).

Last I spoke to Trump personally, he asked me to add some further gear to his order (I sell Military-Grade armour to Trump at pretty much cost price, because a stronger Military means more trade on the server). Last time I spoke to him, things were fine. That's why I was surprised to see this thread.

Although I am not up to date with whatever situation/conversation has been happening whilst I've been away, I am happy to resolve this situation democratically. If you guys do not want me to be Minister Of Trade, then feel free to call a vote to annul my position. I don't want war.

I can confirm, that Trump did indeed ask for the coordinates to my home base, where I keep my wealth and manufacture my enchanted diamond products. Also I share this base with DeadOcelot. I do not consider this to be a government facility, and indeed as Minister Of Trade I recommend that you don't share your factory's coordinates with your biggest customer!

I'm really not looking to start a war. At the end of the day, war is bad for business and I'm a trader at heart, who trades just for the love of the price ride, good or bad.

Thanks for explaining epsilon level threat. Can you explain though why I am KOS (unconfirmed)?
btw... Thread moved to "Military/Defence"
Well, time to clear things up. Chad, Ocelot, consider that Unconfirmed as Unconfirmed. According to the information I gained, StealthyArcherGMM was propagating false information that called the both of you to be traitors, using him as some kind of tool to overthrow the government. Obviously, I know this is wrong now, and I consider this to be more of a situation regarding the apparently unstable situation in the military. As for the rumors that persist about my opinion on the government, and some sort of "revolution" I seem to be starting, I can confirm that these rumors are in fact, false. I do not have any plans to overthrow my own system, and was rather more concerned about the situation about what I assumed, (thanks to rumors) to be the disappearance of chad, something that has now been cleared up. So ,in that regard, consider the Protocol to be disbanded, although StealthyArcher is to remain on the KOS list until further notice, as he is guilty of treason and an attempt at overthrowing the government as a whole.

I spoke to Stealthy just now, and explained that a soldier must always fight for the government, ESPECIALLY if he receives information that a revolution is happening.
He promised to behave himself so I hope that this situation will soon be completely resolved.

To the 2 soldiers who said they will "fight for Chad"... thanks, but please remember that I am ALWAYS on the side of the Government, so please, fight for the President, not me.
Listen Trump, i don't know where you got the idea for me revolting but i wasn't i was just stressed like i told u the other day. Life is stressful and you can't just wish stress away, you have to get rid of it somehow. I wasn't trying to revolt i swear to god.
I mean i only left the government TEMPORARILY until it was back on its legs and i didn't know spawn and 0,0 were supposed to be griefed.
To be fair... If you thought the government was weak (it was) then you should have stayed with it, not leave the Government and make it even weaker