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The good amount of fraternities is causing confusion
Here is a thread that monitors all the relations between them for it to get less confusing.
I request all the fraternity leaders to submit their current relations with other fraternities.

-100 = war
-99 to -80 = Brink of war
-79 to -70 = Extremely Hostile
-69 to -60 = Hostile
-59 to -50 = very unfriendly
-49 to -30 = unfriendly
-29 to -16 = unstable
 -15 to 15 = indifferent (neutral)
  16 to 29 = stable
  30 to 49 = friendly
  50 to 69 = very friendly
  70 to 90 = Defensive Alliance (Support when attacked)
90 to 100 = Military Alliance (Full military support)

Trade agreement, vassal, overlord (protection in return for resources), Defensive Alliance, Military Alliance, Non-Aggression Pact (Basic friendship agreement)

Breaking a Treaty will make you untrustworthy and will be condemned by all fraternities.

Please submit the information below with all fraternities
Here is a sample format for your convenience
<Fraternity name>
<Other Fraternity> : <Score> <Treaties>(If any) 
<Other Fraternity> : <Score> <Treaties>(If any) 
<Other Fraternity> : <Score> <Treaties>(If any) 

Please score all fraternities EVEN IF YOU ARE A NEUTRAL FRATERNITY GROUP.
The scores will be compiled and graphed on an online slideshow which will be made available to the public.

Here are all the fraternities listed for you convenience:

Anarchy Space Program
Spawn Builders Collective
The Empire
The Dark Knights
North Central Positronics
The Sith
Communist Party of Zineon

=Meme Team=
ASP: -100 (war) <We have a treaty with the Space Empire of Greater Nova Scotia>