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[Resolved] Extended Maintenance - ataranlen - 03-13-2017

Thanks AT&T... https://twitter.com/MineTexas/status/841402501937127425

I had an appointment at 9am this morning. That appointment got cancelled without any notification to me. And they are now telling they cannot have a technician out until Thursday.

This means MineTexas is down till at least Thursday.

RE: Extended Maintenance - Good Old Mr. Wilson - 03-13-2017

Damn, that's shitty... On a somewhat brighter note, at least they have actually acknowledged the tweet, even if the person replying seems to misunderstand your issue[Image: lCbQikr.jpg]

Good luck with getting it sorted.

RE: Extended Maintenance - JdBlue - 03-15-2017

Hope At&t gets it worked out. Did you setup your mainframe in your new home yet?

RE: Extended Maintenance - ataranlen - 03-16-2017

Well, we can hope all we want, but it sounds like AT&T is having more facility issues today and they can't complete the install. They have absolutely no estimate for when they'll be able to complete this work.

RE: Extended Maintenance - JdBlue - 03-16-2017

At&t is really being a pain in the butt, the server will probably be down for a week because of them, Rip.

RE: Extended Maintenance - ataranlen - 03-17-2017

In case you missed the lack of notice on the forums, the extended maintenance is over.