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Lets create a building group on the new server! - LudicrousLogan - 07-29-2019

as some of you know chad will be launching the new economy server on august first(if you didn't know you know now). 

from what i understand a few players have plans to build on the server and start there own groups. However i think we should combine are efforts into a larger more coordinated group(this will help us when starting out get the supply's we need quicker as this will make it easier for us to get right to building instead of having us work longer).

now the plan i have is once the server launches anyone interested in creating a building group/building on the server will meat somewhere on the server and put together ideas of how this group will work ect. im thinking that group will be broken up into 3 departments out of these there will be the department of resources(they will be in charge of getting us supply's for builds and tools), the department of exploration(which will be in charge of finding sites to build at)and a department for making the blue prints of builds if need be.

anyways if you have any other ideas on how this group could work make reply to this post.