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I miss the old times. - Houd Writer - 09-30-2019

I've been here for 6 years, and over those years I've lost contact with many I used to play with daily on the old faction server. Matildinator, raitonic95, Ocelot_Tamer, among others. I've just been lost without them. I have a hard time getting to know newer players, but I love this server too much to leave it.

I just wanted to say something.

RE: I miss the old times. - ChadDX - 10-02-2019

man i think we all have that feel... i remember when i started playing on 2b2t 6 years ago I was close with a guy called Diamond_Stiek, and later RainyAfternoon/GatesOfEden. We used to share items with each other for free and build together near spawn. Then when i joined minetexas I was basing with DeadOcelot 1 million blocks out with my ChadDX account.

I've wished for years that i'd bump into these people again.