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ProjectZombie Joining MineTexas - ataranlen - 03-22-2015

As I'm sure some of you have already heard, MineTexas will be hosting the ProjectZombie Minecraft Server.

This server will be a collaboration between the original PZ developers and myself. Due to life, the current lead developer is taking a break from hosting. He still wants to help out, though, as this has been his main project for the last four years.

You can check out what Jesse has to say on the handoff here:

Of course this means my already limited time will be split between Civ and PZ. As such, I will no longer be maintaining the Civcraft 1.5 branch for 1.7.10 and will only focus on Civcraft 1.6+ for Minecraft 1.8+. When Aberon finishes up this current round (soon) I'll be transitioning it to be a 1.8 server and hook it into the Nexus.

ProjectZombie is still a work in progress and need a lot of polish to be ready for the big relaunch. If you're interested in helping test, build, or develop, head here.

RE: ProjectZombie Joining MineTexas - Operator - 03-23-2015

Great job, maybe you could make it so the texture pack can be installed like other servers, where it says something like "This server recommends using a custom resource pack?"

RE: ProjectZombie Joining MineTexas - ataranlen - 03-23-2015

Well, right now the resource pack is 100mb. One of the first things I'll be doing is getting a stripped down version.