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New Civcraft Structure: Quarry - ataranlen - 03-31-2015

[Image: UUvoNiy.png]
Get all your pickaxes ready! This new civcraft structure will be your best friend. Coming soon to a MineTexas Civcraft Minecraft Server near you!

Stat Value
Size 1x1
Tech Required Automation
Cost 10,000 Redbacks
Upkeep 1,500 Redbacks/Day
Hammer Cost 7,500
Hitpoints 100
Points 3000
Limit Per Town 1
Specials None

==Improvement Structure Quarry==
The Quarry is a unique structure that replaces mining by allowing miners to put their pickaxes into the Quarry mine for them. The Quarry consumes the pickaxes and in return has a small chance of generating Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emeralds and Tungsten Ore. The Quarry excretes cobblestone with a 1:1 ratio as a bi-product of the mining. Both the cobblestone and the precious minerals are stored in a single double chest. If the storage chest becomes full the structure will jam and stop working until the storage chest is cleared. It is important that the Quarry's storage chest is emptied often or it will not function.

===How does the Quarry work===
The Quarry is very simple to operate, simply select the pickaxes you wish to deposit it into the input chest. The Quarry will then start mining with it and sometimes, if you're lucky, precious minerals. 

===Mining Chance===
The following chances do not take into account the diminishing chance caused by a lower chance item being generated. The Quarry randomly picks a number between 1-10000. This number is then checked against the lowest chance item first.

Item NameChanceLevel Required
Dirt 100%
Cobblestone 50%
Other Stone 10%
Coal 2.5%
Iron Ingot 1% LVL 2-4 minerals
Redstone 0.75% LVL 3-4 minerals
Gold Ingot 0.2% LVL 2-4 minerals
Tungsten 0.09% LVL 3-4 minerals
Diamonds/Emeralds 0.04% LVL 3-4 minerals

== Quarry Upgrades ==
As of Civcraft 1.6, you can now purchase upgrades to the Quarry. These upgrades allow the Quarrys in your town to use higher levels of pickaxes: Stone, Iron, and Diamond.

Quarry LevelWoodStoneIronDiamondUpgrade CostTech Required
1 [X]       Free Automation
2 [X] [X]     10,000 coins Alloys
3 [X] [X] [X]   20,000 coins Efficiency
4 [X] [X] [X] [X] 50,000 coins Folded Steel

RE: New Civcraft Structure: Quarry - Draconius42 - 04-01-2015

Seems legit

RE: New Civcraft Structure: Quarry - kapelland - 04-04-2015

Any info as to what this new structure will do?

RE: New Civcraft Structure: Quarry - ataranlen - 04-05-2015

Yup, it's all right here: http://minetexas.com/wiki/Quarry

RE: New Civcraft Structure: Quarry - benjamingovaerts - 04-08-2015

Wiki isn't working anymore

RE: New Civcraft Structure: Quarry - ataranlen - 04-08-2015

I'm aware. The wiki had to be taken down. I'll get it hosted somewhere else, soon.

RE: New Civcraft Structure: Quarry - ataranlen - 04-09-2015

I have updated the main post with the content from the wiki, since the wiki is down.

RE: New Civcraft Structure: Quarry - kapelland - 04-09-2015

Any word on when this will be implemented on rivendell?

RE: New Civcraft Structure: Quarry - ataranlen - 04-09-2015

I can get it implemented tonight.
I have a number of other fixes to put in place as well.

RE: New Civcraft Structure: Quarry - ataranlen - 04-10-2015

The Quarry is now on Rivendell.