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Civcraft Update 4/10/2015 - ataranlen - 04-10-2015

I've updated both Rivendell and Aberon with the following changes:

Quarry added to Rivendell.
Quarry is now limit 1 per town
Quarry now produces Dirt as filler
Teleportation is now denied if you attempt to teleport into a non-allied civ's territory.
Camp's now build correctly. 
Just in case, added "/camp refresh" command to allow camp owners the ability to refresh a camp if it still gets broken.
Added more door types to the post sync build phase.
Added alternative crafting recipes for Refined Wood and Stone.

RE: Civcraft Update 4/10/2015 - benjamingovaerts - 04-10-2015

dont know if you know this already, but quarry produces all types or dirt, podzol, coarse dirt and dirt

RE: Civcraft Update 4/10/2015 - kapelland - 04-10-2015

Just a quick question about quarrys, if I put in say, an eff. 4 pickaxe into the chest, does that change anything about how/what it produces, or how fast it works?

RE: Civcraft Update 4/10/2015 - ataranlen - 04-11-2015

I'm aware of the dirt being different kinds of dirt from the quarry.

@kapelland: If you put in different picks, It will use them one at a time. The high level picks require the quarry be upgraded before it can use them. http://www.minetexas.com/minecraft-server-forum/showthread.php?tid=217

RE: Civcraft Update 4/10/2015 - kapelland - 04-11-2015

I understand having to have upgrades to put in stone, iron, and diamond picks, but what happens if I have efficiency on any type of pickaxe I put in it?

RE: Civcraft Update 4/10/2015 - ataranlen - 04-11-2015

Enchanted Picks currently do not have any affect.