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Public Civcraft 1.5 Release for Minecraft 1.7.10 - ataranlen - 04-15-2015

Hello everyone.  Smile 

For those who don't know (how would you not know if you're here?), I've been developing on my own fork of the Civcraft 1.4 code. I'm finally ready to release a version to the general public.

Civcraft 1.5 Changelog
  • Reduced War Cannon Firework chance to 10%
  • Enable TNT During War Time
  • Added "Bridge Blocks" for War Time
  • Added Redstone to the Trommel
  • Reworked the War Cannon to not break until the Control points are all at or below 1 HP
  • Reduced leftover blocks on demolishing a structure.
  • Reorganization of the Resident Perks menu. Added a permission based system for granting perks.
  • Full UUID (Name changes) Support
  • Attachables are in the Post Build Phase
  • Camps are more Glitch resistant.
  • Added a civ.hacker permission to force bad players to use Anti-Cheat all the time
  • Fixed the upkeep tick
  • Fixed a number of Exceptions
So, without further ado, CivilizationCraft 1.5, for Minecraft 1.7.10, as last seen in Age 6 on the Aberon MineTexas Server

Civcraft 1.5 Download Page