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New Civcraft Wonder: Colosseum - ataranlen - 01-17-2015

As part of our update to Civcraft 1.4, We're adding a Colosseum Wonder.

This is a template from the Civcraft Build server that did not make it into Civcraft yet. I personally took the time to export it and modify the Civcraft plugin to enable it.

[Image: Lfm20AHl.jpg]

So here's how it works right now:

Underlying Tech
 - id: 'tech_colosseum'
     name: 'Colosseum'
     beaker_cost: 25000.0
     cost: 50000.0
     points: 10000
     Requires: Writing, Trade, Advanced Masonry, Automation

  - id: w_colosseum
    displayName: Colosseum
    require_tech: 'tech_colosseum'
    limit: One per Civilization, Must be built in Capitol Town.
    cost: 100000.0
    hammer_cost: 80000.0
    points: 100000
    max_hitpoints: 1000
    regen_rate: 1

 - id: 'buff_colosseum_coins_from_towns'
      name: 'Colosseum Coins From Towns'
      description: 'Grants 100 coins per day to the civilization for every town in the world.'
      value: '100'

RE: New Civcraft Wonder: Colosseum - KingranGZ - 01-17-2015

sweettttt building dude! what texture is that btw? i wonder if there is a way to use this

RE: New Civcraft Wonder: Colosseum - ataranlen - 01-17-2015

Thanks for the compliment.

I'm using SEUS shaders along with R3D.Craft Smooth Realism 64x texture pack.

RE: New Civcraft Wonder: Colosseum - OMGitsPTC - 01-17-2015

Nice Smile!
Maybe the price to like 250k.. 100k is pretty cheap :p

RE: New Civcraft Wonder: Colosseum - Operator - 01-17-2015

Would it be possible to add this to the Tech Tree?