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Creative Plot World Reset - ataranlen - 08-03-2016

In order to update to 1.10, I tried to convert from plotme to PlotSquared. This conversion process has been broken since 1.8, and is still not working in the latest version. So, I figured why not start over. It has been several years since the last reset on creative, and this gives everyone a chance to build fresh.

I apologize for any lost work. I will provide download of the old world for anyone interested: Download here

In addition to this reset, I'm reworking the permissions on this server to allow for the use of pets, additional creative plots, gadgets, trails, hats, and more.

RE: Creative Plot World Reset - _Remnant_ - 08-03-2016

I would like a download link to the creative world, if possible.

RE: Creative Plot World Reset - ataranlen - 08-04-2016

Download here

RE: Creative Plot World Reset - _Remnant_ - 08-04-2016