Farms on PVP server
Hi Atar

For a long while it's been impossible to walk over lily pads on the PVP server, but it didn't bother me too much because they're not crucial to the game.

Unfortunately a very similar glitch is stopping me from walking over farmland, and that's a little more important gamewise.

It's relatively new... there wasn't a problem a month ago when I was making farms in a tower I was building.

Basically almost every time you try to walk or jump onto a block which has been tilled with a hoe, it glitches and puts you back to where you were before. If you jump off a pillar onto farmland it gives you fall damage then places you back to the top.

If you're determined, you can eventually get onto farmland, but you lose the ability to turn around.

I am using vanilla minecraft.

Hope you can fix!
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