Changes to the Anarchy Badges
So tonight I decided to write a new plugin that could support what I really wanted to do with badges. I was able to accomplish this over a few hours of work. 

Most importantly, Anarchy Badges no longer expire!

There is a new '/badge' command
  • '/badge set [name]' to change your badge
  • '/badge list' to list all available badges
  • '/badge owned' to list just your owned badges
  • '/badge remove' to remove your current badge

This new plugin I wrote will allow me to do all sorts of fun things with permissions. I plan to add default badges, badges for plus (one exists already!), and a ton more badges. This will also let me add groups of badges.
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Changes to the Anarchy Badges - by ataranlen - 12-04-2015, 02:17 AM

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