CivilizationCraft 1.76 - The Modern Age, Upcoming Resets.
This is what it looks like. Europe is 17 days away from victory on Rivendell. They have ten times the points of the next highest civ. It is time for a reset very soon! How soon? Well, I just started on the world generation task.

Both Rivendell and Aberon are in the process of generating the worlds.

There is a new official release of the Minecraft Server Plugin, CivilizationCraft, Version 1.76 The Modern Age. This update brings a lot of new structures, a handful of new gameplay changes, and a bunch of bug fixes.
One of the biggest changes to MineTexas CivilizationCraft is the Era system. This system revolves around the research portion of CivilizationCraft, with Era’s being achieved as the civ progresses through the era’s on the technology tree. The Era system adds one very important feature: the server has a “Highest Era” among all of the civs. Each other civ who is below the same Era as the highest Era Civ will receive a discount on the beaker and coin cost of all research projects they undertake.
The next major change is to the Anarchy time period when switching Governments. As of v1.76, the period of Anarchy is dynamic. The Anarchy Period is determined by the number of towns in the Civilization (2 hours per town). That’s the bad news. The good news are some ways to reduce the penalty: The Notre Dame Wonder reduces the penalty by 1 hour for all towns. The new Broadcast tower structure reduces the penalty by 1 hour for each town that has one. And finally there is a minimum of 10 minutes of anarchy.
This update brings back the colored relationship names above players’ heads to indicate their relationship to your civ: Ally, Neutral, Hostile, War, Outlaw.

Full patchnotes and downloads can be found here:
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