Poll: Should dispensors only be allowed on farm tiles?
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Dispensors Only In Farms?
So, should the dispensor block only be allowed only farming tiles?  This way there would be no other lava/seed placement outside of a farm, is this a good idea?

Please, vote, Community.

sry but no, unless ppl can abuse it by duping or grieving claim chests. the reason i say no because it will ruin the fun of the server and will turn it to a casual server xd; but if ppl can find a way to abuse it, then it should be farm chunks only
While I understand your concern of griefing with Dispensers, I don't think this is a restriction I would be able to place easily.

I've tried (albeit not very hard) to recompile the civcraft code, and was unable to do so.
In addition, Lava by itself isn't very destructive.

What is the actual concern with these? Seeing as users can't modify your claimed territory to place dispensers.

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