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DodgyIs it illegal to bet on trump to win the election if you live outside US?

*note: don't gamble kids, betting shops take 10% of your money every single bet you make, you can never win in the long run.
It is also addictive to some people, and it can very literally ruin your adult life
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look... the issue is this.

Anyone placing bets on the US election in Pound Sterling, can make what's called a "Quantum Bet" and bet on all possible outcomes profitably, making two uncertain outcomes both diverge and converge profitably (pairs trading).

The only people who can do this are the financial firms in London.

These banksy wankers:
are newly filthy rich
living it large,
with a brexit sandwich

no fee with a charge
its chop and change
let your batteries recharge
and give me your range
Do I see a mirage?
can you stock an exchange?
give me nigel farage
and i'll bet on the strange

taking a break
breaking a take
making the rules
betting the fools

10% on the night of the nigel
heaven sent was the flight of the rival

pound took a drop
from the top
flippin a flop
night on a town
pound goes down
right down
right down

bet against the sterling
sell it short
have a thought
give ur bank account a naught

they say
Theresa may

they say
Theresa Green

London is responsible for 1/3 of international money transfers and financial services, through a complex network of Crown Dependency Tax Havens, Mafair Hedge Funds, Shadow Banks, and Shell Companies.

Anyone who could predict the turbulent UK Forex Market, could simultaneously place bets on the movement of the sterling, and get their rich mates to place simultaneous bets on both Trump and Bernie to win.

The bookies would have no option but to increase the odds on a Hillary win (meaning less likely to happen so bigger payout), and lower the odds on a Trump win (meaning high chance of happening so lower payout).

Now the American Media (which basically adores everything Trump) would almost instantly pick up the news that people are putting their money on Trump to win, and also that Bernie is catching up to Hillary, and create a self fulfilling prophecy.

The insane thing is that this would cause the pound to rise, and hence the UK Currency Speculators win twice.

It's not right, especially with what's going on in the UK property market right now... expect a "brexit boom"
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
I think i'll play it safe, I won't bet on any outcome or exchange any currency or purchase any property. It's not right. Money is power and power corrupts.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Don't believe this shit goes on?

These are the same guys that rigged LIBOR, and acquired US financial assets at fire sale prices during the subprime crisis.

The worst thing for them is a predictable stagnant economy. They make money on price movements, not on price stability.

These guys spend £20,000 on a bottle of champagne, and have a group of cute bargirls deliver it to their table with fucking fireworks attached to it.

I'm Not Even Joking! Angel
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
i don't lie

*Not: ...iced that the same lights were used at both events?
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
All your Lehman Brothers now belong to us!
"Barclays is paying $250m* in cash and taking on $72bn in trading assets and $68bn in trading liabilities. They include mortgage assets, equities, corporate debts, government bonds and commercial paper."

Understand, that Barclays Banksy was financed in a large part at this time by the Saudi Sheikhs (30%)
"The £7bn fundraising was complex and under its terms would have given the Middle Eastern investors a combined 30% stake in the bank on 30 June.

That's the UAE owning 30% of a London Commercial Bank, purchasing US financial assets at pennies on the dollar, and funding it through obscene oil prices ($100 per barrel compared to today's $50)

*Edit: I converted this to MC prices... it's equivalent to paying 4db for 64db.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
literally no comments on this post?

i'm not even making shit up... the UK IS RESPONSIBLE* for 25-33% of international money transfers.

We own:
London (one of the 3 main Financial Hubs on Earth)
Isle of Man (tax haven)
Jersey (tax haven)
Gibraltar (tax haven and online gambling hub)

Guess what... if you want to avoid corporation tax as a US company, you can also do it with the 2 countries either side of UK (Ireland and The Netherlands).
It's called the "Double Irish". This is why apple and google pay the obama government no tax, they just ship it to London and we profitably invest it for them.

Many tax is evaded by less legal means, and that's all invested through the City Of London.

The UK is literally helping rich people and companies avoid paying tax, then makes profit on this avoided tax through listed investments vehicles and hedge funds operating out of Mafair (most expensive property on the UK monopoly board).

*according to The Economist's special report on tax evasion
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Exchange Traded Funds

(From Wikipedia)
There are currently 2,938 companies from over 60 countries listed on the London Stock Exchange, of which 1151 are on AIM, 44 on the Professional Securities Market and 10 on the Specialist Funds Market.

As of June 2011, the AIM had 56 companies as per country of operations from Africa, 41 from China, 26 from Latin America, 23 from Central & Eastern Europe and 29 from India & Bangladesh, making it one of the world’s leading growth markets. Since its launch in 1995, more than £67 billion have been raised on AIM. The total market value of these companies was £3.9 trillion. The daily turnover traded in July 2011 was £4.4 billion (€5.0 billion) and the daily number of trades 611,941. The LSE’s share of trading in the UK lit order book trading was 62.2%. As of 2011 the London Stock Exchange offered trading in more emerging markets exchange traded funds (ETFs) than any other exchange in the world. There were a total of 158 emerging market ETFs listed on the Exchange in May 2011 compared with 126 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Arca) and 93 on Deutsche Boerse.

This is where we decide how to invest all that tax money we helped your wealthy businessmen/corporations avoid/evade.
[Image: london_financial_district.jpg]
(picture is a cropped version of one on flickr, which I have used without permission under the principal of fair use (educational content). I will take down if requested by the rightsholder
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
This is also where we also trade IRL metals. (sound low volume)

These people buy and sell copper in minimum 25 tonne 'lots'. For example someone selling 100 'lots' would be selling 2500 tonnes of copper (about £100,000 in today's prices) in one trade.

These people all know each other, but they are not friends.
They do not touch the physical goods, simply make promises and always back their word up.
They never scam, they never pay each other directly.
They simply write their promises down on paper and hand them in at the end of the day.
Their 'middleman' is the London Metal Exchange (LME).
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
A famous UK businessman, Cecil Rhodes, created the De Beers Group of companies, which famously control the IRL diamond trade.

Diamonds aren't even rare.

(not joking, we literally buy up all the rough diamonds in the world and keep them in warehouses haha)
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