Explaining shit?
So as most of you know, I'm not actually leaving. 

I had a plan a few weeks ago, involving a supply of items and SursyotYT - basically me setting up my complete collapse; I had a difficult goal set out, make everyone hate me more. 

I orchestrated a web of lies inside of Sursyot and his friends making them all think I was screwing them over, I was relying on them getting organized and starting a sorta Fuck Goose Group - so they chose the commies.


Anywayz, Mino promissed to personally take me down somehow in front of Suryot. That's when I realised I fucked up, Everyone hates Mino, Mino cant accomplish my goals. 

If everything went to plan, I would be secretly supplying Sursyot with gear by faking a 1v1 where I would die. 
Then, I would quit.

Now, at that point I was going to quit for a while - I found a new server, and felt I had no purpose on MTA anymore.

When I saw how fucking stupid Minoxio was, and the Protectorate started up - I felt the need to just shit post a lot, then I realised I couldnt quit.

Sooooo, I quit anyway, then was offered an alt account and decided to fuck with everyone for a day.

I knew people would realise it was me immediately - and they did. See, I only wanted a momentary fresh start - to gain Someones trust I couldnt before.

I knew I couldnt get in Jss' bum fuck club seeing as jss isnt actually fucking retarded - but then I remembered Minoxio, all it took to gain his trust was agreeing with him in chat. He asked me to join his teamspeak, luckily for me we had only talked once or twice so I thought I would be safe, however when I joined Mr_Sias was also there and he knew me much better than Minoxio. 

SOMEHOW, they didnt see through my fake accent.

All it takes for the commies to let their guard down is shit talking someone they dislike, I chose killgrave. Kek.

We went on pvping at spawn, and i slowly got more an more tired of fucking minoxio taking all the credit for us fighting off killgrave and various other people multiple times. I was going to stick with him for a while and get his base coords - but I couldnt take the cancer. So I gave up and just dropped one of them.


Happy goose

Ill post about destructive later (; adios whores.
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