How to make map art!
Much better and updated guide by Mr. Wilson

Step 1: Find a image. Any image will work, however you may get the best results by having the image's size as close to a square as possible (400x400 would be perfect, 400x300 would be okay, 400x50 would be terrible)

Step 2: Get the following program: this will convert your image into a schematic. Change the size to 128x128(for a single map, for a 2x2 map 256x256 etc) then convert to a schematic. You MAY also want to disable dither, and turn off adjust image to fit height, whatever looks best.

Step 3: Generate a normal world make sure its sizeable enough to have whatever your map size is already generated.

Step 4: Download MCEdit, import the schematic into your world, rotate it from being a wall to a floor, save it as a new schematic.

Step 5: Get schematica, many tutorials on this, but you wont have your hacks anymore with this client unless you have a l33t hack that injects into minecraft(which you dont and none exist for 1.10 as far as I know).

Step 6: Find a location for the map art, I did my first one in the ocean but I learned it would of been easier just to dig out a 128x128 area in flat landish place, like a desert or a plains(because you have to build a 128x128 platform, no liquid interact). 

Step 7: Dupe some carpet! Yeah the program uses wool, but your gonna use carpet, because its easier. method two is best, but if you dont have slime well then use the first one(I havent' confirmed it working)

Step 8: Load up the schematic in your area, and start building!
dude omfg this saves soo much time, thx!
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(10-24-2016, 01:36 AM)QwQ_tw Wrote: dude omfg this saves soo much time, thx!

Did you end up downloading the main tool? I forgot how I downloaded it and the links seem to be dead.
You can use spritecraft, it works for a variety of stuff and the link is alive to my knowledge.
Damn, that efficiency tho. I might do the mona lisa or something to get straight up cash outta people. Debs or dubs, the fuck are we using now noimsayin

New link to the program I used. I remember liking it better than spritecraft

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