The Protectorate Games
The time has come to utilize this relative peace the server is experiencing and move forward into a golden age of cooperation. 

Thus, I will be hosting the Protectorate Games where anybody can watch or participate in. Each event will be unique, sponsored, and fully protected. Now this thing isn't official yet...I need to talk to sponsors first and make sure adequate prize packages are available for event victors, but once that happens I'll be sure to post more official details.

But PGI (Protectorate Games 1) will involve a team scavenger hunt around spawn that will require teams to use quick thinking to gather the most hidden "relics" before a certain time has elapsed. Clues will be given periodically throughout the event referring to coordinate locations around spawn that each contain 1 relic. But beware while you may know the answer to the clues, other teams may follow you and engage you in combat before you can reach the relic. Anyone can join and win! But the better equipped will have a better chance on surviving and not constantly having to reequip at their base.

The team that has gathered the most relics by the elapsed time wins!

Depending on the prize package available, there will be an appropriate entrance fee for teams. There will also be a gathering hall for vendors to hawk their wares before PG1 begins. A small vendor fee will be included that purchases Protectorate special protection for that day only. This will of course be affordable, and already Protected members don't have to pay. If no one wants to pay this, no worries, there will just be no vendors at the event. It will probably be like 10 db so nothing too crazy there. When you do purchase a vendor's license for the day, you should utilize the official PG1 thread in the frat  subforum to market your wares before the event, or provide a link to your trader page.

Anyway, if you think you can provide sponsorship, or building assistance, let me know. Look forward to making this happen.

I've talked to some potential sponsors, and there seems to be some interest in sponsoring the grand prize. Even if they fall through, I have lots of stuff to give for a prize so we will move forward regardless of whether or not this is shared venture or just my own.

Anyway, the prize pool will be finalized after all sponsorships are in. People who sponsor the event do not have to pay the 10 db vendor hall fee.

PG1, (the event) will take place Saturday, November 5th at 1 PM Central Standard Time.

Any team size can participate, though make it too big and the prize pool will be a bit boring to share, and the total team cost is 24 db/24gb/8 eb. Teams will be provided with all the materials they need to win the event at the gathering hall to be specified 30 minutes before the event's start time. 

More details will be provided here as needed. I'll be happy to answer any questions as well.

In a nutshell though, teams will be given clues to several locations around spawn each containing a hidden relic. The teams that have the most relics after a specified time will win the grand prize chest of all sponsorship items.

hi i Vijayawada Sitaramanjaneyula Rajasekhara Yarlagadda Venkata Samba Siva Rao
and i interested in receivin gprize for free because i belief for number one brampton you need number one mayor
and if mayor is bribe then mayor not receive bribe so top administration to brampton

thanks forl isten

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