Petal Town - The town that almost was
This was a project from a long time ago, but I never got around to uploading until now.
[Image: 2h34gbc.jpg]

Petal Town was supposed to be a joint project between ASP and SBC. It was started back in the day, before hybrid even existed.

PK founded the area and built a church. Me and Savitr soon arrived, and Choco and False had expressed interest in contributing to the project.

The town was built a mere 10k out

We had one person come through and take a few supplies from the chests, but no griefing happened.

PK however was not happy... he said that someone had messed up his potato farm and was leaving the build. It took me a few weeks to realise that this person was in fact, myself!

Yup, I was terraforming, and I didn't realise that the potato farm was meant to be a permanent feature of the town.

I built a few more buildings, then put the project on hold whilst I did other stuff.

For months and months, the town remained intact but abandoned.

Today I log on to take screenshots and I see this:
[Image: 9azhgn.jpg]

RIP  Big Grin
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Welp RIP petal town. looks like good information for new videos.
I had some blocks left, so decided to build a lame monument at the official coords of the town (-1200x 10300z)

[Image: 21nqu7o.jpg]

the only redeeming feature of this shit build is that it's possible to climb to the top using a series of ladders.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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