I worked for ASP, and I'm about to tell you everything.
    When I worked for ASP, I was treasured for my survivability and scientific abilities. I participated in many top-secret projects, most of which were way past the edge of morally wrong. However, I was put on the reception side of a transceiver for what we called Project: Bluebeacon.

    Bluebeacon was an attempt to colonize the world border, and set up a station out there. We took a week to form a team of the top three ASP agents and train them for Project: Bluebeacon. During this week, we sent out some supplies on a drone to the drop-zone, on the 30 million world border. Our first plane sent out had to turn around due to oxygen becoming thinner the further they went out. We documented this discovery and sent them back out with year's supply of oxygen. By 20 million meters, the team on the plane reported that there was under 1% of oxygen left in the air.
    Once they made it to 30 million, the team reported sight of the world border. The plane landed, and the team started the search for the dropped supplies. After a few hours, I heard through the transceiver that they sighted the supplies, but 300 blocks outside the world border. I sent the info to the higher-ups as we called them, and they ruled it a miscalculated drop.
    The last transmission came in saying they were going to start building a base and a small respiration center. I left the transceiver station to help load up a drone to send supplies out to BS1, or Border-Station #1, as ASP called it.
    We sent out the drone, and I was once again at the reception end of a transceiver. About an hour went by, until we lost all connection to the drone. I calculated that it crashed at about 100k out, so a noob may be getting some ultimate supplies. The higher-ups sent out a SKP, or a Spawn Killer Party to rescue the supplies and "kill-on-sight" if anyone came near them.
    BS1 reported through the transceiver, "we can't wait for another drone, we'll have to come back". I sent the request to the higher-ups and they approved the decision. Within a week, the BS1-team was back at base. We re-equipped them with more supplies and sent them out again.
    After hours of boredom playing Craft Royale on my phone, a transmission came through. "We've spotted BS1, but it's almost 1000 blocks out of the border!"
    I sent the info to the higher-ups, and this was some damn strange info. During a daily committee, one ASP chemist suggested perhaps that the border was shrinking, but 80% of the committee denied the claim. I myself, denied it as well. But I think perhaps others believed him too... but the higher-ups sent out two SKP's to follow alongside... to cross the border and examine what happened to BS1.

    A month passed, and I was part of SKP2, searching alongside SKP1 and BS1-team inside BS1. The place was covered in moss, vines, and a general spooky feeling. It hadn't been raided, but it looked like it had been left here for ages. The respiration system set up appeared to had been dissolved with time, but it had only been one month. Nothing.
    We made our way back to the plane, and set up a new base, BS2. This base however, had a set-up used on the ASP base in the End, systems that can resist border-decay, as the effect had been called. Top-tier oxygen supply, air-locks, and more. BS2 was made to last in case of the "border-shrinking" theory the chemist suggsted.
    Slowly but surly, the outside of BS2 had become border-decayed. The chemist... was right. ASP was freaking out, as the effect seems to be making its way to spawn, and they calculated it may reach the spawn within months. BS2 was expanded with a hangar, basement, and new systems set up to become the new ASP base. Slowly, ASP sent all their supplies to BS2. The project to move the ASP base to BS2 was called the "New World Border" project. I however, didn't like abandoning everyone. And here I am, exposing Project: Bluebeacon, ASP shouldn't be the only one to survive the New World Border.
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016
Well done- an accurate retelling of the Bluebeacon incident.
well written! me gusta!
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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