My suggestions
I have played civcraft for many years including the phase of extreme exploits and duping at the hands of the vindis, dragonea and the occasional EITC.

this will always be a huge burden for admins. I have previously ran a civcraft server. We decided that we were going to introduce a few methods to prevent this.

1) we offered small rewards for turning in exploits and people who were cheating depending on how much they were cheating or how big the exploits are. (rewards will have to be thought out. we did things like hammer boosts for 24hrs).

2) we used our staff alts (admittedly time consuming) to look into claims of cheats

3) if someone was caught cheating, both them and the civ were punished.

4) a list on the websites of members who are banned and how long for. this lets new players know that punishments are in effect.

My next to points in my opinion are most essential

5) The punishment must far outweigh the crime. to avoid being spammed with hate i will use the example of the vindis using some camp technique to produce around 100k of string a day in a weird glitch. seeings string was very high in price this made them millions. Staff removed some of the money however barely anything compared to what they earned. I would personally recommend that they would lose there whole civ and money after this level of exploit.

The more current and maybe controversial example will be Eureka. They MAY or MAY NOT of committed exploits. if they had i would of recommend stripping culture as atar did. but not just what they gained all of it as well as refunding them the great library as the extra hammers and culture clearly helped make it. the use of extreme punishment through phases should eventually make the idea of exploiting so risky that civs will start actively kicking out any exploiters as they would risk there civ in keeping them.

6) Justice does not only have to be done it must be seen to be done. On my server we created our own courtroom in spawn. If there was a major case of hacking or exploiting the leader of the civ would be summoned by the admins to the courts (in a special private chat). The admins would sit and hear there defence and while the main opposition civs will show there case and the admins would decide and punish if neccessairy punishments. The whole chat log was recorded and posted on the website soo all members of the server could see it. this allows people to feel they got to argue there case in a calmer way than expressed in global while also allowing people to see why the staff made there decisions. Staff should be more accountable than players in my views.

Some other suggestions:

When i ran my server i wished to slow the phases down. we did this by creating an admin civ and disabling wonders. The idea is that a civ must be big enough to take down the admins one fort before wonders are unlocked. this stops people rushing wonders and allows for more civs to take part in the wonder race. you may also wish to consider capping techs while your at it to slow down civs becoming OP.

Finally would be the structure of the admins. I would like to see the admins being given special roles such as one in charge of in game community, another in charge of deving and one in charge of forumns posts and hacking claims. This would allow the information that you gather to be much easier to process.

Final Words:-

Although it may seem to be me having a dig, it isnt. I have the greatest respect for atar and his staff as i know the challenge of running this plugin. Hes clearly a much better coder than i am and hes doing a good job at it. Keep up the good work and consider what i have to say atar.

Please feel free to leave any questions about my ideas or loopholes u see so i can post changes if needed Smile  


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