I knew my reign of terror would come to an end one day. But I definitely didn't think Mojang would be the ones to do it.

The dupe has beaten me once and for all. All my accumulated wealth from months of hustling has been made insignificant. The careful combat advantages I've been developing and perfecting have been rendered useless with the server wide rags to riches. 

When I beat ppl now in combat, if I can even manage it, I no longer gain any satisfaction over their nerd rage, since their rage won't be there any more since nothing was really lost. Ha my fun little dictator simulator program has come to an end, gg Mojang.

Anyway, I'll try and hang on a little longer on this server, so I'll be focusing on a monument and group organized events and see if that works out. Free events course, though the very word makes me sick :Smile 

I was thinking for the first event, like we could make an Olympic village a good distance from spawn with some cool competitive events set up. Stuff like horse racing, water dome combat, and whatever other crazy ideas you guys could come up with.

Any interest in this?
I came up with this months ago (especially horse racing being an event) but abandoned it due to lack of supporters... but if you can manage to pull it off I'll join the server once again to support. However for now... this server is no longer important to me. The spawn, the update, the dupe, everything has changed.
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I feel your pain Jss. Even though I duped as much as anyone else, the dupe hurt me.

Months of building insane farms to produce unlimited emeralds. Constructing an efficient 200 portal gold farm to make Chads gear factory look pitiful. Accumulating 5 dubs of legily crafted god gear, a dub of legit gold blocks, monstrous iron farms and so much more.... All for nothing as my wealth advantage got leveled out in mere hours of duping.

The pain for those of us who put such effort into the server, only for it to be made obsolete by a disconnect dupe... 

However this is Mien Kraft. This is anarchy. Shit isn't fair and never has been, and if it was it would be boring. None of this really matters, the key thing is to adapt and keep ourselves interested. I know many of my friends are already considering leaving, which to me is the real loss here.
N3xt, the gold farm is still usefull, as is the enchant farm and iron farm. I think a lot of people didnt dupe iron, so you might actually get richer because of the iron demand.
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Well i still get nerdrage because i didnt dupe pvp gear. but then again if ou meet me at spawn youll expect me to always be eguipped with leather/chain(gold armor and a gold sword.
(11-25-2016, 05:30 AM)ONulz Wrote: I think the dupe is still active even too.

I wouldn't be surprised. Atar can only apply band aids, ppl are bound to get around every one of his work arounds. At this point though, any additional Duping time only extends the duration of pvp death. The intensity of the effect has already reached a maximum.

I'll be adding a book memoir of my time here to my list of things to do. An old timer talking about various things and how my old trusty rifle used to be the biggest baddest war machine available.
I would definitely have interest in future events like what you described. Despite the duping being primarily PVP focused, there are still a few of us out there who value building and events.
also: proud I never gave a single Db to you jss Wink
ΞSBCΞ Come build with us on our next project! Check the subforum for more info!
(11-26-2016, 12:55 PM)QwQ_tw Wrote: also: proud I never gave a single Db to you jss Wink
At the expense of logging for many hours to my attacks Smile
But yeah, I don't think anyone will ever pay me anything for protection again due to this damn dupe. I'll kill ppl at spawn for kicks now, but my days of being a reasonable business man are probably over. I might even bring back da caps.
PvP is utterly pointless, was before, and is now more pointless than it was before. Should've went with the "Contribute to the Community" angle you had earlier in this post. Bummer.

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