Recent dupe's damage summary?
I've heard it's caused damage and I've heard others say that Atar patched it in time, I don't really feel like logging on to the server so does anyone have a summary of price changes or anything?
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no way jose. Atar was wayyyy to late with patching the first one.
It included dropping and getting kicked. Atar patched it by making the peeps unable to drop items, and after that he made it so dropped items in unloaded chuncks got deleted so the dupe was no longer possible.

Then people found out all it took was an alt to stay in the chunk and a hopper to catch the dropped item. Tada! Dupe! And not a 1 by 1 dupe; no a dupe-an-entrie-shulker-chest per log dupe. Everyone's a baller now.

aka and such. Sucks balls.
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Pretty sure the damage is intense.
It'll work itself out eventually. Always does.
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(11-24-2016, 01:56 PM)SirJohnChilcot Wrote: Damage: killed off Killgrave and Chad
Benefits: killed off Killgrave and Chad

Verdict: Win!

So Killgrave is done fucking finally, but what about Chad? He didn't quit or some shit, did he? However I could see him do that. All his work aligning wars to benefit his profits harder than the Rothschilds did before the E.U flushed down the drain, I feel bad for him.
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016
Heh no I didn't quit.

I did take a break for a few weeks, but that had nothing to do with the dupe.
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