Putting this here: what I've been working on
I've been working on this for a while. Now with the dupe and the changes it will bring about, I've decided to leave for now and explore around the server for a while. So, just in the case that after my absence from there it is found, I want to leave a legacy of it. If, after I get back, it remains I will be sure to add to it. 


So there it is.
Holy Shit Its Beautiful!
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Good work man, this is awesome!
Eeyyy, that's pretty good!
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nice work
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That is very cool. Would love to see the progress on this.
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I don't think I'm ever coming back here to build, but I've decided that I am going to be completely recreating it using the same concept as before, but bigger and hopefully a lot better.
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I was lucky enough to visit in person.... it's even better in person. Probably the best build I've ever visited.
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