The fuck, like, what?

I was just in a call with my favourite cancer fuck (Nyar).

And a certain cuckold, BBaajour, told him that a random new fag was trash talking Hodor, so Hodor "got someone to check his IP" and apparently it matched mine! Woah!

But seriously tho, no, that wasn't me.

I hardly see Hodor because we have different TimeZones.

The REAL QUESTION is, who the fuck is making up these stories?

Why does everyone hate old goosey? 

Like what

Just give me my fucking bread and let me swim in the park's lake.

someone pl0x explain why i get so much h8 (to quote killur meemstar)
help me change my tag
Loving the playground rumours
(11-27-2016, 01:26 PM)Good Old Mr. Wilson Wrote: Loving the playground rumours

As do I, ed boy.
help me change my tag

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