Reporting "Mr"Aloy
Was muted for 24 hours for talking in a professional manner. He didn't like the subject even thought it was PG. So as I understand either a rule should be implemented that you can't offend anyone ever or he should be punished for making up rules.

Now we just delete threads we don't like?
You were muted for horrible behavior, and being disruptive for the sole purpose and being disruptive.

We have a wonderful rule by the number of 5: "Use Common Sense".

You were asked multiple times to settle down and take your accusations to the "report a player" sub-forum in a professional manner, as is expected of all MT players. Choosing to ignore said requests and meet them with only more toxic behavior is a direct violation of the rule above, and resulted in an incredibly lenient punishment of a temp-mute.

In regards to your thread, Atar chose to have it removed, and I am sure he will be addressing you soon.

Quote:Aloyious is literally the spawn of Satan
Quote:at first i didnt think aloy was that bad but then he called me a weenie and made me cry
No, I just don't appreciate your toxic attitude of late, and neither does MrAloyious.

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