Rebuilding Atar's Church
Greetings! I was wondering if any of you creepy people on the internet would like to donate wood, dirt, stone and other building materials to help rebuild Atar's church. 

There used to be a church for Atar at spawn before killgrave1124 (jss) and his friend bombed it. 
Our  main priest and three worshippers were killed in an attempt of trying to save the church.

The staff at Atar's church are deeply saddened by this act of violence, so they are now requesting donations to help rebuild the church, but far away from spawn and coords will only be handed out to trustworthy people. 

If you would like to make a donation please private message SageCookieDragon on the forums. 

For more details please private message SageCookieDragon on the forums so we can help you, ASAP. 

 - Staff Of Atar's Church 

 Please consider donating today! Also please give the donations to PythagorasDragon on MineTexas Anarchy.

(If you would like to join the staff of Atar's Churches please private message SageCookieDragon on the forums).

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