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Do you want a reset?
Ok, a few ideas concerning a new anarchy server. I think we can all agree Atar is a great admin, and I think we can also all agree minetexas isn't doing great. 
At 3pm on a saturday, there's 3 people playing, one of which is me. Everyone is on the same level now and almost anything is useless. There's no competitive base searching or pvp or even building going on. At least not as it used to be.
We want a healthy server with a helthy trading system and happy noobies building shit 10k from spawn etc. not a cancerous hellhole where PvP, trade, new players and building are a thing of the past.

Here's just a few ideas to throw around:

1) clean slate 
This is the easiest and the hardest one. Just load up a new seed, and let the anarchy start over again. No boosts, no kits, just straight up start-over. (I see atar announcing a date on the forums, 50 people are online and ready to get a heads start on the rest as soon as it opens, etc.) Some might say that this can't work, because they worked so hard on this current map and I have 2 things to say to them: This is anarchy, your shit will be found sooner or later, and everyone's rich now, so you're basically poor just like the rest of 'em.
To people saying the old map is history that shouldn't be touched:
Let's say Atar keeps the old map, makes it gamemode 4 (the one where you fly around as a ghost) and just keeps it on /anarchyOld for nostalgic reasons.\
The frats that are paid for are kept.

2) The try-out
For the people that say plan 1 is too drastic: 
I say Atar opens up a temp. server and sees how it goes. People still play a shitton cuz it might be so that the temp map becomes the new map, and the shitfags that can't say goodbye to their dubs of Gapps on the old map can base up again and get attatched to the new map and thus be less butthurt about the new map.

3) Anarchy 2.0
For the homos that REALLY can't say good bye to their old shit: let them have the old server, but give the traders, PvP'ers, builders and new players a new one, a fresh one.
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A world where shit is still new, where YOU can make imprints on the land. Where trade is still fresh and diamonds still need to be mined!
Where the first one to slay the dragon will be remembered, where one can still get richer then others if they work hard enough.
The first one to set up a god set factory: rich.
The person that gets the dragon head: rich
and so on. And rich doesn't mean 10 dubs of gapps, but still means you're richer then the rest.

Atar tells us the worlds opens at 3PM on that day, you're there; in MineTexas spawn, with your best buds on the teamspeak, ready to get a headstart. Are you going to start raping everyone at spawn for their hard earned diamonds? Or are you gonna MAKE those diamonds and be the first one to be geared up? What are you going to trade in? How long until jss05a sets up a protectorate? It could be like old times, just thinking about it hypes me up. Please just consider it.
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You haven't Been here a while. Have You?
I think a map reset would kill this server. It would take away the 1 thing that it has over a lot of other servers too. The age of the map. Your post seems to be about the letting go of the duped items. I didn't dupe anything. I actually work for my creations, builds, levels, etc etc. So a map reset would pretty much end my time here and I wouldn't donate again under either accounts I currently have paid gold on.
My response needs to be longer than 5 characters, but it is simply: "No."
Resetting the server would also mean resetting the age of the server itself. The server's world seeed has NEVER been reset, ever. If this did happen, it would kill off the server as StownurDewd said. The only time something was reset, was the spawn area back in January. As simple, I'm not supporting this idea.
Hawt Doggo
I think the idea of a reset is far too extreme. We should just wait and see where the server goes from here.
Call me Great Old Mr. Wilson if you want
Luckily your opinion about a reset is meaningless, and will never happen. This is an anarchy server, not a "vanilla survival" server. Resets defeat the purpose, and asides from that, atar would literally never do this. But of course, the real reason anyone would want a reset is because they ironically can't accept change, despite people being blatantly insulted for the same point. The server develops as it sees fit, and to be frank, the period most people think of as representing our server was just a pale mockery of our actual image.
Nulz, you sellout! Why would you want a reset?
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A rollback to 1.10- pre dupe would be fucking dope IMO, but a total reset would ruin the server even more than the dupe has.

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