Daily server reboots
Just like everyone knows, CivCraft is a big and unstable plugin, I know out of experience daily server reboots are helping the server lag and bugs just like disbanded towns viewable on the dynmap /bugged trades/..., and I noticed the server get barely rebooted, so my suggestion is to add a daily reboot to fix the lag and those bugs.
Civcraft is big and unstable, but not as much as it used to be. I've fixed a large number of bugs that caused some issues on the server. The server is stable enough to run for many days without any issues.

On the other hand, the biggest part of the server lag is caused by the number of mobs. 160,000+ of them.
Yea, but these mobs are most in unloaded chunks or near people that goes AFK, that's why a server reboot would be good, to fix those mobs, it's kinda annoying to get tped back every 3 minutes because of the lag, maybe an idea would be to get a ClearLag plugin that clears every mob/dropped item every 3/4 hours, to somehow up the mob spawning for people that are trying to farm, because if you try to farm Greater Yobos for example, you need to stand AFK with 5 alts to get some spawning.
LOL it takes you 5 alts to get YOBOS xD leave the chunk then come back. Tada you got YOBOS. But yes I get block lag never movement lag.
The block lag is very uncommon but happens every 15 minutes or so and lasts about 15 seconds. Not a big deal but a little nuisance.

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