Farewell MTA
Hello players of Minetexas. I have had alot of good moments while palying here. Ive met interesting people and I have also brought interesting ideas to the server aswell (horse speedhacking and anvil repairing to be exact {anvil repair instructions will be said in this topic!}). But it seems to me that real life has struct and I must leave the server for at the least half a year due to leaving for army training. Most likely I might be there for longer though. But worry not I will try to pop in to the server to check how things are on some weekends. I want to thank all the people who were allied to me and helped me out in the server. People like Epicfiredude, Noudie, all of the hybrid members, Minoxio (yes really) and many others I hope to see atleast some of you when I come back here.

Now for the thing alot of people have asked about. The anvil repair method I used.

Step 1:
Find a flat area or build a long 1 block bridge in the sky.

Step 2:
place down a piston at one end of the bridge (it is a godo idea to make this so that the piston is jsut barely in a new chunk)

Step 3:
start placing down redstone and use any methods you can of exending the signal. The piston must be powered on at the off state of your redstone wires.

Step 4:
this is the part that many people have problems with. Finding out the server render distance. The easiest way I have found to do this is to go backwards with max render distance and then every new chunk you enter you refresh your chunks by moving the render distance one tick lower and then back to max. When you enter a chunk and you cant see the piston you have hit the point where the piston is in a "lazy chunk".

Step 5:
to fix the anvil it is a very simple task to do. You simply place the anvil on the extended piston arm and find the lazy chunk ditance and activate the redstone with a button. And if atar changes the render distance of the server you should have buttons already placed at different chunks alogn the wire so that its easy to jsut check if it will work at each button.

So goodbye people of Minetexas anarchy! I can't wait to come back!
Goodbye for now Jomb, and I wish you the best of luck for your army training. Hopefully I'll see you again some time
Call me Great Old Mr. Wilson if you want
Goodbye my friend.
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Farewell , and I hope you return promptly
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Jomb I'll miss you. The earth is flat, don't let your military tell you otherwise.
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This post is kinda late, but good luck Jomber.
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