Post-Dupe Economy
Post-Dupe Economy
So recently we witnessed a dupe, but this time our fragile server economy could not handle it. Atm there in 400% inflation compared to pre dupe prices. [Image: chart.png]
Post dupe a set of diamond armor costs 512 Diamond Blocks. Pre dupe it costed 128 Diamond Blocks this shows that has been at least 400% inflation. But only some sellers still accept Diamond Blocks making charts like this semi-irrelevant just for some clarification. Since Chad quit there is no economic stabilizer, without him there is no source of armor to buy from making it hard to use up the excess supply of Diamond Blocks.
The Pre Dupe economy portions
[Image: chart_1.png]
This is a semi accurate depiction of what people spent their Diamond Blocks on before the Dupe, as you can see the economy seemed to be thriving as people like Chad were making tools, and armour for sale, and had entire economic schemes to support it. You can also see the fact that blocks were a large portion of the economy showing that people were working on projects.
Post-Dupe Economy
[Image: chart_2.png]
As you can only Misc. Items is dominating as the server is currently in a recession, this shows a correlation between the dupe and projects being done, aswell as building of fraternities. This shows off how multiple people have had to cutback as the economy is now bases on whatever the seller wants. And with the loss of almost industrialized armor, and tool production the total sale has gone down significantly.
As I previously stated there is no centralized currency, and any attempts at one seem to have failed many people still accept DBs but they ask for much higher prices now a days. This means that people have to compensate for the inflation, and trade is hard currently due to the destruction of paths to the end portal, and such.

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