Wonder Creating Contest!
As I have noticed, there may be a lack of wonder count for MineTexas, especially with the rapidly-expanding community. Soon there will be dozens of civ, but only around 8 or so wonders. Illusion17 originally thought of this idea, so I am passing it on to forum-suggestions.

There could be a contest, of who could construct the best wonder on the creative mode server. You could create anything you wanted, so long as it fits the "Wonder" definition. You could submit your project, and the mods would pick the best one (Or have people vote for them!). You would submit the name, and effect of your wonder, and the best one would get put into the game. It helps the server, and the mods don't have to craft anything, win win, right?

Thanks for reading!
This is a great idea, and I don't think we really need to have a contest. If someone wants to build a new wonder, they can just give co-ordinates to it on the creative server and I'll come take a look at it.
But is the idea not that wonders are supposed to be super rare and hard to get? Why would we need more? o.O

While I agree that wonders are supposed to be rare, this game is based off of Civilization. If you think about how many wonders that game has, you'll understand why we want more. And that game is usually less than 16 civs at once. We have 49 civs right now on MineTexas Civcraft.

On this page you will find all the wonders of Civilization 5. There are 48 WORLD WONDERS and many more national wonders. Like Atar said there is usually 16 people in a game. So how rare are the wonders?

I would like to see Wonders go obsolete. The Great Wall goes obsolete after Dynamite is researched. Why can't we do that?

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