Alright m8s
Okay, so maybe I got a little bored and wanted a roleplay war. Alright, fine. Ok so maybe I didn't actually have armor and sort've assumed that joinees would help... and with Remnant joining I figured it'd be okay. I never wanted to be the "leader" of Lime because I had a feeling I'd get some shit and then tarnish my rep...yes. Lime was simply a role-play frat that was born to me being bored. But look m8s, I've changed. I'm no longer bored and I want to start over on Anarchy. But let me make some things clear:

Fucking "papa" Remmington (what the fuck is that pedo ass name)

Remnant is a manipulative ass somofabitch. He'll tell you that he's not into dark web shit, but he's told me many a time that he "regularly checks the dark web for desensitization". Also, immediately after making an #nsfw channel on my Discord a few months back, him and his dark web fucks spammed the chat with mutilated hentai babies getting fucked; these fucks called it "babyfuck". More proof your "papa" is a pedo? Bruh he likes being called fucking "papa"!

Atar or Chad might move this to the junkbin, because that's their new form of censoring anti-Illuminoxio material.

Before you ask, the fuck is the Illuminoxio m8?

Not conspiracy shit as it may sound kekkles, the "Illuminoxio" started as a joke thread I wrote, then some dudes asked me if it was real, I said yeah, and it sorta just became this term that I use to describe forum censorship, pro-Remnant material, pro-Communist material, pro-rp material, and more.

Also, Atar; it's been some time, can I get my Lime frat renamed to a star and crescent for my Buzzlamic political party?

What is the Buzzlamic political party?

There's a forum post about it, but here are some basic things:

If you read it, you might realize it's not roleplay
Since making the Buzzlam frat, Remnant has already called me an "attention whore, roleplay faggot". Let me just say this if the faggot himself is reading; I see where you're coming from, Rem. Being the co-roleplay-founder of Zineaon the roleplay "IT'S JUST A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT PRANK BRO" nation, trying to revive the Republic with warsoilder, you definitely know a thing about attention whoring roleplay faggotry. #fuckinexposedm8

Goose, before you leave your pro-Remnant reply just because he kisses your ass 24/7, just stop right there m8 cuz I don't give two shits.

EDIT: Idek if you like Rem anymore Goose so let's say I don't hate you until you make an either butthurt or supportive comment of my views Wink

Thanks for reading m8!
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016.

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