Im bored of minecraft
Im leaving for a while , probably gonna play tf2 and other steam games for a couple of months and return to mta , this is my usual cycle . And now my thanks , Remnant : you keep MTA fresh and cancerous , Minoxio : kindled my inner pen tester , bbaajour aka pope of bongaism : general chill person to talk with , Sursyot aka mooncoin: eh , you were fine , PixelTech : GRANITE GRANITE GRANITE , Jomber  : the guy , the best guy , Wilson : good but never old , Stonur : your chill goes past absolute zero , AmusingGoose : your videos were dopeaf and please bring em back , Epic : sempai farewell , Chad : hope your back to your bipolar high , xXViiper : James , you quit you fag , Quotratron : I log() ed and im doing a computer science Gcse . Well bye bye , Ill be back in due time 

P.S i will still lurk in the fourms
"A tree , Its just a lot of shrubbery" - NoudieDX 2k15
See you soon then Noudie!
Call me Great Old Mr. Wilson if you want
Heil Bonga, have fun, and see you later.
Science, Bitch!
OH sheeit man! just heard in server chat that you quit (i don't check this section of the forums so much, just the anarchy section)

Anyway, looking forward to the future when you come visit us again... you have created many kekkles on the server and for sure will be missed! Big Grin
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
(01-18-2017, 04:39 PM)Noudie Wrote: you lost your hearts son
Noudie didn't mention me good bye I'm off jumping in front of a train
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